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  • 滄海遺珠 | Alternative HK

    滄海遺珠 | Alternative HK

    平行時空下的香港史 | Rediscovering "what-if" scenarios in Hong Kong's history

  • kayue


    Factcheck Lab 執行編輯,曾任《關鍵評論網》編輯,最想寫的還是數學。

  • Tails Leung

    Tails Leung

  • Design at Meta

    Design at Meta

    Designing for the global diversity of human needs.

  • Homing Tam

    Homing Tam

    Product Manager, Sales Engineer, Technology Evangelist

  • ZhgChgLi


    專職IT狗,寫了多年網頁,因緣際會踏入開發 iOS APP,求知若渴、教學相長;更愛電影、美劇、西音、運動、生活.

  • Simon Lin

    Simon Lin

    Product Designer with a curious mind — 更多關於我:

  • Chetan Gupta

    Chetan Gupta

    Coding enthusiast! love Android #kotlinAlltheWay, want to explore all opportunity around it! CodingMantra: #cleanCoder #TDD #SOLID #designpatterns

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